Blends, single origin, and micro-lots....

Whats up with single origin vs. blended coffee?

I'll tell ya.

Coffee from a single region may have very specific characteristics and flavors. Often, in order to please the most amount of people with a single cup, roasters will blend several different beans from different regions to make a balanced brew. Maybe they'll take some Brazilian beans that have a silky mouth feel and blend in some really pungent beans from Papua New Guinea, and then add in some really flavorful Colombian beans to round out the cup.

More often than not though, and especially when it comes to large roasteries, they are trying to produce the best cup of coffee at the cheapest price. Blending a bunch of cheap beans together to get a decent blended flavor.

Roasters who are great at this are impressive in regards to their artistry, and it's a business savvy move too. I've tasted lots of real impressive blends from up to 8 or 9 different beans that all were absolute shit on their own, but blended together made for a yummy cup of coffee.

Single origin is kind of a big deal because it is rare that a single location can produce a balanced flavor, and when they can..... they usually command a premium price. GFC has been on a mission to support these farmers producing these bad-ass single origin beans.

Although we may provide some gourmet blended coffee at some point (some of you have asked, and we are considering it) we have only thus far sold single origin beans. Furthermore, we are always on the hunt for micro-lots.

What are micro lots? It is coffee not just all from the same region, but usually from the same farm. Sometimes the absolute best coffee in a region comes from one mountain that has, say a slightly more west facing slope for example. So the farmers bags these beans separately, and sells them special.

We like feeling special. So we tend to scoop these up from our favorite regions when we can find them, and we are always on the look out!

When you buy from Great F Coffee you are supporting a small US based business, but you are also supporting small organic family coffee farms world-wide. The best of the best.

Remember that with your next cup. You're good you.

Thanks everybody,

-Cory Dean