New Beans: "The Legend Of Peruvian Leonardo"

The mystery of our latest premium coffee import:"The Legend Of Peruvian Leonardo".


You: "But Cory, I just swore my fealty to the Nicaraguan Roast Of Kings last month? Does imperial law allow me to drink this new coffee?

Me: The Nicaraguan Coffee is gone dude. It holds no lands. It commands no armies. You are a free person. Be as slutty with your coffee choices as you'd like. (It'll be back next year).

You: As soon as i'm enamored with your coffee, it changes, I feel so confused, betrayed, bewildered.

Me: Shhhh... (Putting my finger to your lips). Relax. You are on a worldwide tour of the Greatest Coffee In Existence. These farms are small. They run out just weeks after their beans are dried. It'll always be this way. So pick yourself up, and get excited for another perfect match made in coffee heaven!

Introducing: "The Legend Of Peruvian Leonardo"
Peruvian Leonardo is Fair Trade and Organic certified coffee from Peru (Duh).

Straight out of Huanuco, San Martin, in the prime coffee and cocoa growing area of Peru. These Peruvian farmers are bringing super high quality coffee crops to market, and we were lucky enough to get in on the action. We are just one of a handful of roasteries in the world who got any. Lucky us! Lucky you!

Why are we calling it The Legend Of Peruvian Leonardo? Because these micro-lot beans are from a family farm and harvested by the infamous coffee legend himself; Leonardo Melsarejo Villaordunez. Some say he doesn't really exist. You'll know the truth when you taste this coffee.

Say a cheers to Leonardo with each cup you pour. He deserves it.
Get ready to be really happy.

These beans fit the GFC bill in every single way.

Flavor Notes: Dark chocolate, creamy caramel, brown sugar, & spontaneous world peace.

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With caffeinated gratitude and buttery delight,
Love you so,
- Cory Dean & The Crew