2.5 Lbs - Great F Coffee - "Café de Mujeres Fuertes del Perú." - Organic/Fair Trade

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 2.5 LBS of Coffee Perfection

Organic, Fair Trade, and Artisan Roasted fresh-to-order.



11/12/2018 -

The Peruvian cooperative producing this coffee (Cooperative Agraria “Frontera San Ignacio” Ltda) was established way back in 1969. A legit progressive movement in action, this crew made gender equality an important factor when the land was originally purchased and divided among producers. This particular cooperative is unique because they have been empowering and promoting “women grown” coffee before it was something the world was ready to care about commercially.

We care. Then and now.

These women contribute to the physical and sensory quality of the coffee. It tastes and smells like it has been nurtured, and that sensation transfers right to those lucky enough to imbibe it.The Coop is always managing new projects and developing new ways to improve the lives of their families.They focus their efforts on improving quality and delivering consistent coffee to different markets. In 2016, a committee of women was created by the cooperative and they are responsible for distributing loans which will enable producers to improve their own land while also taking part in new developments for their kitchens, crafts and livestock. They also created a computer lab which allows all members to stay up to date with modern technology.

Please join us in supporting this amazing and inspiring group of women, and enjoy some of the most luxurious organic coffee in the world.

Flavor Notes:  Chocolate, Cherry & Honey. 


This coffee is artisan-roasted fresh to order.
Ordering 2.5 lbs at once basically means that you get a whole batch roasted just for you.

  • Perfect for our coffee lovers with OCD. Since you've rented out the whole roaster with your 2.5-fucking-pounds of personal coffee, your beans won't be rubbing elbows with some stranger's beans. Big-time score for the persnickety faction.

  • Perfect for our coffee lovers with a penchant for royalty. Ordering 2.5 lbs officially makes you king and/or queen of our roaster -- and we, your loyal & humble subjects. Enjoy our exaltation of fiery caffeination, to the exclusion of all others, for approximately 14 minutes. Huzzah. ( You also save a few bucks)

Order now so we can get a'roasting (your unadulterated Highness).

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