2.5 Lbs - Great F Coffee - "Premium Supremo Cafe Especial" - Organic/Fair Trade

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 2.5 LBS of Coffee Perfection

Organic, Fair Trade, and Artisan Roasted fresh-to-order.


8/27/2020 -

Elevation: 1650 to 2100 meters
Varietals: Colombia,Typica,Caturra
Milling Process: Fully Washed
Drying Process: Patio and solar dried machine
Harvest Start Month: April
Harvest End Month: August

The Organic Colombia Tolima coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around a producer association with 35 members who live in Montalvo which is located within the municipality of Planadas in the department of Tolima, Colombia.
This growers cooperative was founded in 2013 by coffee producers from Tolima who joined forces to ensure great coffee, fair prices, and sustainable methods are being maintained in their region. The result? Some of the best specialty coffee we have found from the Tolima region.  Knock your socks off delicious. GFC QUALITY ALL DAY!

Flavor Notes:  Brown Sugar / Cherry / Orange


This coffee is artisan-roasted fresh to order.
Ordering 2.5 lbs at once basically means that you get a whole batch roasted just for you.

  • Perfect for our coffee lovers with OCD. Since you've rented out the whole roaster with your 2.5-fucking-pounds of personal coffee, your beans won't be rubbing elbows with some stranger's beans. Big-time score for the persnickety faction.

  • Perfect for our coffee lovers with a penchant for royalty. Ordering 2.5 lbs officially makes you king and/or queen of our roaster -- and we, your loyal & humble subjects. Enjoy our exaltation of fiery caffeination, to the exclusion of all others, for approximately 14 minutes. Huzzah. ( You also save a few bucks)

Order now so we can get a'roasting (your unadulterated Highness).

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