Great F Coffee - "Give A F*ck" Mug 15oz

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  • Great F Coffee logo with bad ass crows and shit.
  • Inspirational quote from Cory Dean to inspire that ass.
  • Holds hot coffee so you don't have to drink it straight from the pot.
● Durable ceramic mug, but don't go throwing it and stuff.
● Rounded edge, so your lips feel all nice and smooth against the rim
● 15oz (443ml) 

Here's what it says on the back:

"Give all the Fucks.
To all the people. 
You have been blessed with an infinite supply of fucks.
Do not buy into the myth of fuck scarcity. 
Give your fucks freely. 
Don't be selfish with your fucks.

The world needs your fucks now more than ever.
Enjoy Your coffee, go out there today, and give a fuck"

- Cory Dean